Lorrie and Shaun Conway hand feeding kids

Well, it is fair to say that kidding season has arrived!  We were honestly starting to wonder if those does were ever going to start kidding, but once they started it has been a good dose of activity and confusion on a daily basis in the barn.  That could be partly because we (and by ‘we’ I mean Shaun, Helen, Lorrie and all the critters) do chores by routine.  We are barely awake in the morning, so the comfort of everyone knowing exactly what they are supposed to do without too much thought or effort is necessary for survival—well, that and a lot of coffee!  Anyway, when you have 6 or 7 new milkers inside the space of three or four days, it is really hard to remember who you are supposed to milk.  I know it shouldn’t seem and doesn’t sound that difficult, but honestly, it is a struggle. I have to run down the white board to make sure I haven’t forgotten anyone!

This is always the exciting group of kiddings for us.  They are the first fresheners and we get to see how the girls have transformed from funny energetic kids into beautiful graceful milkers.  It always amazes me how they just know what their job is supposed to be.  It usually only takes one or two times through the routine and they are at the gate and waiting to come out and give their daily contribution to the farm efforts!  Goats are really remarkable and I am grateful every day for being able to care for them.

Today has been stunning.  On one of my many trips up to the barn or out to feed babies (who knows which…the whole day has been a bit of a blur of colostrum and soggy babies…and other things that I won’t mention here…) I noticed how almost overnight the grass has gotten greener.  The Daphne is loaded with blooms and I caught a whiff of it on one of the aforementioned treks to the kids barn.  This time of the year is absolutely intoxicating for me-even with the soggy freshly-born babies and colostrum stained jeans…..and the other ‘things’. I am not really sure how it happens, but we can spend almost the entire winter in a semi-comatose state and then, just as soon as things start to get really exciting in the barns, our creative juices start going about the farm…when we have absolutely no time what-so-ever to be exploring new ideas much less implementing them…but that is when they seem to come to us.  This year is no different:  look for a new website soon (maybe) and we will keep you posted as we develop our plans for a few new and exciting things that we are hoping to do this year.   Sometimes I feel like the farm is our creative canvas and we are simply artists that will never quite be satisfied with the final painting; it will always be in need of just one more little detail or one more splash of color, but life changes and we want to continue farming, so that might mean that we need to make some changes too.  It is exciting…I turn 50 this year (yes, I really just admitted that in public despite my personal anxiety about it) and I have decided that it is time that I ‘find’ myself.  The 50’s are supposed to be the best years of our lives and Shaun and I are planning to make it so—although, he has a bit of a head start on me! 🙂 We intend to do as much as we can for as long as we can with this beautiful piece of property that we have the privilege of living on, so as long as the ideas keep coming, we will do our best to explore their merit and make them happen.

I best get back out to the barn and see if we have anymore new tots waiting for us.  Until next month, we hope everyone enjoys a special Valentine ’s Day with your sweetie-hug a lot, it is good for your soul! Happy kidding and lambing and let’s get seeds going in the greenhouse!


Shaun & Lorrie

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