Yacolt Burn


This cheese isn’t really a ‘burn’, but a gentle flavor from smoked paprika, hand-stirred just prior to forming. It pairs spectacularly well with Pinot Noir, and also makes a mean mac ‘n cheese. So you’re covered from wine to fine.

The Yacolt Burn is a reference to a series of forest fires in the early 20th century, in the Yacolt Forest region, where we live.

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This cheese will keep refrigerated for about two weeks – longer if kept in the vacuum-sealed package. Because it is a fresh pasteurized, product, please treat it with care and keep it from prolonged periods of warm exposure.

Bring to room temperature before serving – it slices better that way.

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4 oz wedge, 1-1.25 lb quarter wheel, 2-2.5 lb half wheel, 3-5 lb full wheel