Happy autumn farm friends! It seems that another two months have passed and I have failed (again) to get an update done, which means: a. these are more like quarterly updates than monthly updates and b. I have have so much to share!

The month of September was, not only spectacular weather, but also very productive for the farm.  We were able to be part of the annual WSU Harvest Celebration again and met so many great people that are supportive of small farms in our area.   It is always a privilege to be included in that wonderful event that showcases the Clark County farmers of all shapes and sizes.

The last weekend in September was very exciting for us as we participated in the Washington State Artisan Cheese-makers Festival in Seattle.  I am not gonna lie; it was a little nerve-wracking for me.  Attended by somewhere near 1,000 cheese lovers, it was an opportunity to get feedback on our cheeses that we have been working on for (literally) years!  We were delighted to have the outcome be very positive-made several good connections and we hope to have our cheese featured soon at a number of new markets.  It is balancing act for us; we are so small in production that we need to make certain we can produce the product that the outlets want, but we are also in small in aging, so we need to move a certain amount of cheese out at 4-6 month intervals or we won’t have enough aging space.  Whoever said this cheese thing was easy certainly was smarter than we are.  It is just a giant puzzle that we are still trying to work out.

I feel like I missed a golden moment to give Shaun major kudos.  For the first time ever (EVER) we had all our hay in the barn, all our wood in the woodshed, all the barns cleaned and the garden put to bed for winter by October 1st !!!!!!  This is always a major stressor for Shaun so he was feeling pretty good about farm life.  It is all in anticipation of a VERY busy winter season, however, so no rest for the weary.

That being said, we are on the edge of a winter shut down for the dairy (not even milking a single goat for us).  Click HERE to see our  Blog post specifically about our winter plans for more information about what we have on-tap—but rest assured this is a temporary shut-down to a better end.

On a personal note, Shaun and I celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary in October.  It was a day that we spent reflecting on our lives together and everything that we have done.  This farm was always part of our dreams—we even put our honeymoon off for a day to go and look at a rundown old farm in Oregon hoping and dreaming about the farm we would someday own.  After 30 years together there is still nothing we enjoy doing more than working together on our farm.  This is part of who we are and we hope to be able to continue doing it until we are well into our golden years!

So there you have it friends, nothing really ever slows down for us and apparently we like it that way.   As we progress through our winter busy-ness, we will try to be better about updates, but in the meantime, we hope you all enjoyed an extra hour of sleep this morning (we did not, as the does were screaming to be milked), we hope your wool socks and longjohns are ready for winter barnwork, we hope your gardens are sleeping and your leaves are raked and that all is well in your world.  Wishing you many blessings until next time.


Shaun & Lorrie

Ivy Says:

All the milking does have worked hard to make delicious specialty goats milk cheese that is now for sale on this website, but isn't guaranteed to last long. (She's heard Caraway is in short supply.) Best get to it, and purchase now.

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