Welcome to Conway Family Farm

Conway Family Farm, LLC is a family owned and operated sustainable small-farm and goat dairy established over 20 years ago.  

As part of a multi-generational farming family, the Conways take pride in continuing the tradition of farming and providing quality food to their community.

Conway Family Farms is nestled in the rural hills of Fern Prairie, Washington and decorates the countryside with its striking grey barns and traditional white farmhouse. The modest 5 acres farm offers grazing fields to support the livestock, the best blueberries in the area in a U-pick blueberry field and a variety of other interconnecting enterprises including farm bottled Grade A Goat milk and a creamery.

The clean and tidy barns are home to more than 30 pampered Nubian Dairy goats—the ‘floppy-eared’ goats and a dozen beautiful Border Leicester sheep, which symbolize rural living at its very best.

At Conway Family Farm we focus on the old fashioned way of doing things, where each component of the farm helps another part.  We strive to produce only the finest quality products and take pride in offering them personally to individual consumers who seek unique quality healthy food and homespun gift products.  To learn more about us personally, and how our farm began, please click here to enjoy our farm story.  If you would like to contact the farm, please see our Contact Us page.


News from the Farm